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GEQ, Gates, Compressor and CD Player Hire Rates and Specifications

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Graphic Equalisers

Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ3102 Hire

Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ3102

31 band graphic equaliser featuring Behringers FBQ feedback detection system.

  • High Pass Filter : Variable up to 400 Hz
  • Inputs/Outputs: XLR, 1/4" TRS
  • Gain Per Filter : +/ - 6 dB or 12dB (switchable)

Daily Hire: £7Weekly Hire: £21

Noise Gates

Behringer Multigate Pro XR4400 Hire

Behringer Multigate Pro XR4400

Quad noise gate.

  • Inputs/Outputs: XLR, 1/4" TRS

Daily Hire: £5Weekly Hire: £15


Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 Hire

Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600

4 channel expander/gate/compressor/limiter.

  • Inputs/Outputs: XLR, 1/4" TRS

Daily Hire: £7Weekly Hire: £21


Tascam CD-01U Pro CD Player Hire

Tascam CD-01U Pro

Professional 1u CD Player.

    Features include:

  • Balanced XLR outputs
  • MP3 Playback
  • ±12.5% pitch control

Daily Hire: £16Weekly Hire: £48

Denon DN-C110 CD Player Hire

Denon DN-C110

Basic CD Player.

    Features include:

  • Phono outputs
  • MP3/WMA Playback

Daily Hire: £8Weekly Hire: £24

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