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Sound and Lighting Resources : Radio Mic Frequency Sets

Radio Mic Frequency Sets

The following are the frequency banks on the Trantec S5.3. Only one bank of frequencies should be used at a time.

Trantec S5.3

Bank No No of channels Description of bank Use on shared licence
Bank 1 10 JFMG Set Yes
Bank 2 12 JFMG Set 2 from 39 No
Bank 3 6 JFMG Set Ch38 Broadcast Yes
Bank 4 4 JFMG Set Ch38 Community Yes
Bank 5 23 JFMG Set 39 & 40 No
Bank 6 24 JFMG Set 39, 40, 41 & 42 No
Bank 7 12 Ch38 Trantec Yes
Bank 8 19 Ch38 & 39 Trantec No
Bank 9 22 Ch38 & 40 Trantec No

Because of the digital switch over, licensing requirements currently vary with location. In the South East, Ch38 can be used on a shared licence, but Ch39 can't. This can be different elsewhere. Please ask, or use the check tool at to find out what channels can be used at your location. Other channels can still be used, but are subject to site specific licencing.

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